Creative TVC concept by Red Pepper

Tuborg is perceived as famous and successful brand which «was trendy before». The original «party fun» positioning is not relevant anymore. Brand starts loosing its character and becomes just «a save choice» among another licensed brands.
We need to reintroduce Tuborg to young adults as a creative and distinctive brand that is able to speak with contemporary and unique voice and tell stories they would want to share with their friends.
We need to develop a creative and trendy script for TV & Internet based on Colored Caps Idea.
Brand Role
Tuborg inspires people to act spontaneously, because this brand is all about having fun with friends right now in a new ways.

«I often meet my friends to chat and spend a good moment, in a bar or at home. But even if those moments are pleasant, i have noticed that the most exciting fun happens when we don't plan for it: moments when we do things that were not planned turn into the best memories.»

Colored Caps Idea is a fresh in-store communication solution within beer category. But the messages across a range of emotions are not unique and also relevant to a lot of brands (from Coke to Hard Rock Cafe). And honestly that is a weakest part of the brand's communication platform.

We should develop only one strong and unique key message which will be clear to target people and provide them to respect the Tuborg.

Our Remark
Modern young adults people prefer to believe another people much better, than fiction ads. And that is a great opportunity for Tuborg to find his own place at the global market. We want to perceive Tuborg as a true brand not only in the commercial's scripts and pack shots but also in real life.
Film 1
In this film we want to show the real people who are awesome in their lifestyle. With help of this people we deliver a clear message that Tuborg is a brand about having fun right now in a new way. Only true branded content supported by Tuborg.
Life is awesome.
Every moment. Enjoy it.
Create something fresh.
Touch the greatness.
Share best moments with your friends.
Move if your body is moving.
Feel if you need to feel.
Rock this party right now.
This is your lifestyle. Live it.
Open for true
Technical Requirements
Internet Film :60
TVC *2 :30
TVC *4 :15

Soundtrack: The Killers «Mr. Brightside»

Main Reference:
YouTube: The best of the year
People are awesome YouTube Channel
Also, we can create a unique video-based Digital Design, witch enables you to download your video into our internet commercial. Tag your videos with unique hashtag: #enjoytuborg, #createtuborg, #touchtuborg, #feeltuborg, #movetuborg, #rocktuborg, #partytuborg, #livetuborg and put it into social networks through our website. This mechanic will help us create endless video. Video will renew on the basis of user generated content.
Film 2
Place, that looks like a bar.
Spotlights located near the bar.
The focus is on the heroes who is sitting at the bar. They are ordinary people.
We found all of them in social networks and invited for Tuborg shooting commercials .
Friends company, young couple, two fellows.
The bottles of Tuborg are on the table in front of each of them.

The camera focused on the heroes.
A voiceover says:
– Take the bottle and show us what is written on the cup.
Technical Requirements
Internet Film :90
TVC *3 :30

Main References:

Like a Girl Commercial
S7 Commercial
The platform may have a logical development.
As any marketing materials, we suggest using only real pictures, real videos, real people, documentaries, jokes.
We run #OPENFORTRUE hashtag in the social network and collect photos and videos of people with Tuborg.
Then we will publish these photos in social networks and in promotional materials.

And the last one...

All films are made with one common shot like this:
GEICO Commercial

In every film the voiceover is a special personage like here:
Erick Kissack || The Gunfighter
The bus is full of people. The young guy is staring at the sexy lady. The lady that you would probably stare at too if you were there in the crowded bus.
The voiceover:
- Hey dude! Touch her!
Nobody hears it except the boy. He looks around.
- Come on, touch her! Grab her soft spot!
- Who's there?
- Who cares who's there – just touch her! You want this, I know!
- Why do you say that?
The boy looks around again to make sure nobody is listening to their dialogue with the voiceover.
- It's in the script of this film. Come on, grab her!
The boy hesitantly moves closer to the girl and grabs her ass so strong as you can imagine. She turns 180 degrees and sends the poor guy knocked out with a single blow of her handbag.
The voiceover laughs.

Just for fun.
Stand-up night.
The guy with a beer is getting on stage. He expands the list with notes. Clears his throat. Checks the microphone. It is clear that dude is a little worried.
- Move!
- Sorry, what?
The dude is very confused as how confused you would be if you were told leave the stage even before the performance.
- Just get out of here!
- Why?
- Believe me, it would be better! Don't make jokes!
Long pause. The comedian is confused. A voiceover continues to get the nerves of the poor fellow.
- Just look at what is written on your beer cap!
On the cap, of course, it is written Move. Man closes his eyes, gaining a deep breath and gabbles the most terrible joke that you can imagine in 10 seconds. Of course, no one is laughing except his girlfriend. The very awkward situation.
- I told you.

Just for fun.
Biker's rock club.
On the stage we can see a huge deadly drunk guy with tattoos allover who is trying to sing the songs of Elvis (or something else, absolutely not suitable for bikers and this film). At the table we see a guy with his girlfriend and the other pair.

- Rock! Rock this party!
You have probably already guessed that no one except the guy hear that voice.
- Surprise her! Take a guitar from this zany and sing as you can.
- Why should I do this?
- Because it is written in the script of this Tuborg film!
- What is the Tuborg?
- It is a trendy beer, popular among young adults.
- I don't know that beer.
- Dude, what's the difference?! Just come to the dude, take the guitar and save the party.
Man comes to the big biker and tries to take away his guitar. Of course, not successfully. It's like you step into the ring against Mike Tyson. However, this awkward dumb show is accompanied with rollicking laughter behind the scenes.

Just for fun.
Shooting set. The director, the cameraman, the main actor and a bunch of other people who should normally be present at the shooting of a beer commercial. An ordinary scene with the opening of the bottle is filmed. And everything is going well, except a small york-dog who is constantly trying to fuck the leg of the main hero at the time of opening the bottle.

- Feel?
- Feel?
- Feel? This dog has fucked you. Throw it out of the window!
- Is that allowed? It's the director's dog.
- Sure! It's on the script. Just Move it!

Hero throws dog out the window.
The director:
- Dude? Why the fuck did you throw my dog?
The director starts fighting the actor. The rest of the people just look at what is happening.
- Sometimes it is necessary to do something just for fun. For example to shoot such film. After all, that's the point of our beer.

Just for fun.
Technical Requirements
Internet Film *5 : 30
TVC *5 : 30
TVC *5 :15

  • Woody Woodpecker's Jingle
  • Trollollo
  • Fake Applaud's sound
If you don't find these scripts quite funny - we can open a few bottles of Tuborg and create a new one.
Just for fun :)